About The Firm

When you find yourself in need of a great defense, you find yourself in need of a great San Antonio Lawyer. When you need someone who will listen and give sound legal advice, you need one of the sound and experienced San Antonio Attorneys. When you are in need of someone who will stand up and fight for you and ensure that your voice is heard and needs are met, what you are really saying is you need a Lawyers San Antonio residents have time and time again-have had stand up to make sure that their voice is heard.

Amongst the most trusted attorneys San Antonio has to offer is San Antonio Lawyer Mr. Santos Vargas. Like many of the lawyers San Antonio is home to, Mr. Vargas started his path towards law in San Antonio by attending St, Mary’s University where he earned his Bachelor Degree in Political Science in 1999 and thereafter transferred to Syracuse University College of Law, where he earned his Law Degree in 2004.

Mr. Vargas has proven himself as a comestible figure amongst San Antonio Attorneys, as well as a leader amongst Attorneys San Antonio is home to. Mr. Vargas is a member of the State Bar of Texas and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Santos Vargas was a member of the Class of 2005 of the Alex Briseno Leadership Development Program. To better service the community he is an active member of the San Antonio Young Lawyers Association. As an active member of this prestigious San Antonio attorneys association, he has held multiple placement in office as the Secretary, Vice President and President Elect.

Mr. Vargas takes great pride as being one of the attorneys San Antonio professionals and residents trusts and depend on to speak for them when in need of a voice. As a professional Mr. Santos Vargas is a lawyer San Antonio businesses depend on for their legal matters. As one of the attorneys San Antonio businesses turn to, he is well versed with such aspects of business law such as contract disputes, deceptive trade practices, products liability, collection suits, business formation, business disputes as well as additional business legal matters and issues.

Mr. Santos Vargas is amongst the best attorneys San Antonio offers to residents. His dedication and involvement in the San Antonio community, speaks volumes about who he is as a man and as the one of the most beneficial business Lawyers San Antonio has. When you need a San Antonio Lawyer, call Mr. Santos Vargas, a San Antonio Lawyer that will be a business affiliate to go to the ropes with.

Founded in 2007, the Law Offices of Santos Vargas, P.C. are committed to excellence in serving its clients in the State of Texas. Through its attention to detail and a desire to assist clients through a variety of legal challenges and situations, the Law Offices of Santos Vargas, P.C. provides clients with representation as an advocate who is prepared and qualified.